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Appliance Troubleshooting- Before You Call

Here are a few helpful hints about appliance troubleshooting before you call for service. 


  • Not working.   No power, no lights.
    • Check the circuit breaker in the main panel to make sure it is on.  If the breaker is on, check the power switch inside the refrigerator to make sure that it is turned to the on position.
    • Icemaker not making ice.  Be sure that the icemaker is turned on.  Some units have a wire arm that must be in the down position to be “on”, others may have a rocker switch in the freezer compartment.  Also see “not dispensing water”.
    • Not dispensing water.  Have you changed the water filter in the last six months?  If the filter has not been changed, try changing it as recommended by most manufacturers.
    • Note that if your refrigerator is not cooling or freezing, you can purchase dry ice at most grocery stores to help keep items cold / frozen until the service company gets there.  Limit the number of times that you open the door.


  • Not running, no power to unit- no lights come on.
    • Check the circuit breaker panel to make sure the breaker is on.
    • Check the kitchen GFI outlets to make sure that they are on. 
    • Many apartments and condos have a wall switch near the dishwasher that must be in the up / on position.
    • Make sure the door is closed and latched.

Microwave / Oven

  • Are the displays on?  If not check the circuit breaker at the main panel.