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Charleston Best Choice for Business iPhone or Tablet ?

Posted By @ Mar 16th 2014 3:07pm In: Charleston Housing Market

As consumers we are finding we have many choices of Cell Phones and Tablets to connect us to our clients, family and friends. Consumer reports are abound offering us a means to guide our purchase choices.

From a users stand point I wanted to share our stories and the choices we have made of using a Tablet for all our Business needs versus a cell phone. We can state we have in our family a collection of cell phones and tablets, more then most. We have iPhone5, iPad, Galaxy Cell Phone and a Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 8.9.

Each of these devises have a plan associated with them to supply internet and cell phone connections.

Not the Kindle, we have no plan or need one.

Prices, plans and contracts vary with the services one requires, long distance, data and text services. When you add these services up a costly monthly bill arrives always with surprises. What happen to that $49.00 per month all inclusive plan? HMMM.

The iPhone draw back battery, if you are not constantly connected to a power grid you will find yourself and this Phone without power. My biggest complaint about the iPhone.

The Galaxy Cell Phone has problems with the screen breaking often in our family case.

The iPad costly and lacking in a number of services one would overall desire in the connected world.

Which brings me to my devise of choice for Business the Kindle Fire HDX 8.9.

I could list all the reasons however lets talk about the high points.

  • Price is the first, cheaper then the iPhone5, iPad, Galaxy.
  • Battery Life 9 hours under not what is called normal use, abuse is a better term. Heavy use.
  • Screen quality lets forget all the technical terms, slightly smaller then an iPad.
  • Blazing Wifi speed.
  • Access to e-mail, Facebook, Microsoft Office, Video's and Skype.
  • I mention Skype as you do not need a Cell Phone Plan??
  • I use the basic $6.99 per month unlimited US calling monthly Plan from Skype.
  • All you need is a Wifi connection and in almost all major US cities we now have thousands of free Wifi zones.

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