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Clearing your clogged Drains This works

Posted By @ Mar 25th 2014 10:23am In: News From Charleston Metro Homes

If you have exhausted using the liquid chemicals that claim to eat their way through your clogged drain, this is a tied and true recipe to keep Drains working guaranteed without an environmental impact.

The intro to this story is a story about friends that recently acquired an older home in Charleston. The kitchen sink the bathroom sink and shower drains were the standing water problem, slow drainage.

Like all of us our friends headed to the store for Drano or Liquid Plumber. Following the instructions down the pipe went $25.00 worth of chemicals which resulted in some improvements which lasted all of a few days.

Frustrated they found a local Charleston plumber to take care of the slow draining or clogged drains. To their surprise the plumber arrived with a box of Baking Soda, Arm and Hammer to be exact and a bottle of regular house hold vinegar?

The process is to pour half the box of Baking Soda into the clogged drain, add a cup of Vinegar into the drain after the Baking Soda. It does froth up as this is a chemical reaction. Wait 15 minutes and dump a large pot of boiling water down the drain.

It works and worked on all the drains that were clogged. Even the kitchen sink drain one could now look down into the drain and see clean pipes. These clogged drains were now fully functional. The Plumber simply stated do this every few months and your problems will not happen again.

So I tried this myself had a slow draining kitchen sink, yes this does work. A cheap solution to what sometimes is a costly repair for clogged drains in your Charleston home.

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