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Garbage Disposal Troubleshooting - Before You Call

Here are some helpful hints to repair your garbage disposal prior to making a call to us for service. 

  1. Check the circuit breaker in the main panel to make sure it has not tripped.
  2. Check the GFI outlet in the kitchen to make sure it is not tripped.
  3. Turn the power on and listen.
    1. If it is humming, most likely it is jammed
    2. If it is not humming, it is not getting power.
    3. If the unit is jammed, there are probably foreign objects under the knives.  On the bottom of the disposal, there is a hex nut in the center of the unit.  There may be a tool provided with the unit, but an island wrench key will work as well, typically they are ¼ “.  Turn the unit clockwise to try to unjam.  If it now spins it should be unjammed.

Test the unit again by turning it on to see if it spins with power. 

Turn the POWER OFF and with a flashlight, look into the drain to see what object is there.  With Tongs or a similar tool, remove the object.  NEVER stick your hand or arm into the disposal.

  1. If the unit does not “hum” when the power is turned on, check the circuit breaker on the unit.  It is usually a small red button at the bottom of the disposal, or perhaps on the side.  Just push it in to reset.
  2. If you are unable to get the disposal to work after these attempts, request a service appointment.